Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cleaning Your Mental Closet

by Adena Miller, CEO + Mindset

Every morning I stand in front of my closet.  A jungle of clothes, shoes, jewellery and scarves surround me. I dread going into the abyss in an attempt to pull something together to get dressed.  Boy- do I need to clean out my closet.  

I know the benefits- I have watched countless hours of Stacey London & Clinton Kelly - and am fully aware that I am not going to ever (nor should I ever!) wear half of the items I am wading through.  

There is no time to waste- time to take the plunge and start sorting!

When things are organized - they are more useful.  By understanding what you have you can be more effective and efficient and also create room for new items.  

Your mind operates in a similar manner.  Luckily, cleaning out your mental closet does not have to be as difficult as cleaning out your closet full of clothes!  So instead of throwing or giving away your ideas to the abyss of the collective unconscious.  Clean out your mental closet daily by journaling or creating a personal searchable database of all our fantastic ideas.  Doing so will allow you to understand and know the intellectual capital that you are accumulating, put it to the best use and make room for new ideas using +Mindset.

Happy mental sorting.  

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