Monday, 23 April 2012

Notebooks to The Cloud

(contributed by a long time user of +Mindset)

When I start to create a new enterprise--business venture, field of study or personal development program-- I immediately begin to research and write notes on every aspect of what i am thinking of doing. Up until recently I would have marched down to my  nearest store that sold trendy journals and mulled over at great length the size and shape and cover of the potential offerings to be sure that it was something worthy of my thoughts. Then through an exhaustive exercise of surfing the web and reading countless articles, making notes on every aspect and consideration of the new venture, I would slowly start to evaluate its validity. I may then chose to proceed or I may come to the conclusion that the original idea was ill-founded and should be discarded. Regardless, another note book has been filled and it most likely ends up in my collection on a shelf in the basement.

There are some great ideas in those books but in a sense they are "lost'. And although flipping through them and laughing at some of the entries is an entertaining pass time, it doesn't serve my long term progress the way it could. 

Enter + Mindset....

Over the last year I have used it to save everything. And when i say everything I mean everything. I have recorded my goals--both short term and long term, I have documented my meditations, affirmations and prayers. I have put pen to paper to write out what I dreamt last night and my complete process for achieving my dreams. 
As well with the customizations feature I have created sections for the notes for courses I am taking and specialized areas of different topics I am studying. As well, I am involved in more than one business and have been able to create separate sections for goal setting, planning, general notes and things that must be done for each of these endeavours.

Simple questions that I have and want answered are noted for future reference and even links and pictures can be added to my notes to create a complete and accurate record. 

Lastly, everything I add to + Mindset is searchable. So sometime in the future when i am looking for the fastest way to do something or where to buy that special item. Rather than re-researching the entire topic I can simply do a search and find my links and notes that I found relevant at some time in the past.
+ Mindset is my brain trust. I look forward to the future - several years from now looking back and realizing and experiencing my full growth and developemnt.
Thank you!

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  1. I am so glad that you shared this. This is exactly the way that I feel. Overall, I feel that I am a creative person. I find myself making notes here and there that I think are brilliant! Unfortunately... I can't find them! Alias the world will have to do with one less great romantic novel:).... Or will it?! I am signing up-- and committing to tracking my development-- who knows what I could accomplish with a brain trust... I will keep you posted! BW